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Tame Wood Duck


I was stalking this wood duck for an hour or so. During this time I was thinking about the benefit of photographing wild creatures who are accustomed to a constant human presence (this picture was taken at a semi-urban park near San Francisco). I try to avoid harassing animals while I take pictures of them and I can get much closer to these urban animals than I creatures living in, for example, a larger/more remote sanctuary. It was also interesting to realize that these ducks were eating whole acorns! Those don’t seem easy to digest – even squirrels chew them at least.


This young Forster’s Tern, alongside dozens of others, was partaking in a research project studying the efficacy of a restoration project in Fremont, California. To capture these rambunctious fellas we had to pick them up from their nests, follow them in kayaks and scoop them out of the water, or find their camouflaged little bodies hiding in the small shrubbery by their nests. While they juvenile birds were unhappy being captured, they were released shortly after being weighed and measured and returned to their original nests, after which their parents promptly fed these nagging munchkins.

Snowy Egret